House of Hobbits @ Bio Rex

Imagine if instead of adverts the billboards of a city displayed art sent in by the inhabitants?valokuvatmuseologo This became reality in Helsinki at the end of November (28.11.-30.11.2014 at 6-11 p.m. ), when the Jotain muuta kuin mainoksia! (Something else than adverts!) project, a collaboration between Riikka Lammi and the Finnish Museum of Photography, took over the Lasipalatsi square.

I took part to this project with three photos, which are works number 4-6 from my Suomenlinna series. Here is one example of a projected photo onto wall of the Rio Rex, number 6: The house of Hobbits.

sarjasta 00190 kuva 6_biorex_soili mustapää

The House of Hobbits by Soili Mustapää projected onto the wall of Bio Rex at Lasipalatsi  (Glass Palace) Square. Size of the image is 10 meters (length). Photo is from the opening evening of the exhibition 28.11.2014.

See also: The Finnish Museum of Photography: Jotain muuta


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