Photos taken by citizens decorate transformer cabinets

A photo competition last summer asked citizens to share their Helsinki-themed photos on Instagram. The competition exceeded all expectations.Helsingin_Energia

The competition was organized by Helen Sähköverkko, a subsidiary of the Helsinki energy company Helsingin Energia. Helen Sähköverkko is in charge of electricity transmission and distribution in the Helsinki region.

Photos were submitted on Instagram with hashtag #meidänHelsinki (our Helsinki). By the closing of the competition, more than 1,500 photos had been tagged with #meidänHelsinki. Close to 200 of the photos can now be seen on about 20 transformer cabinets around the city in collages compiled by Helen Sähköverkko. (Text source:

A transformer cabinet, Bulevardi 6. Photo: Helsinki Energy.

As an experiment I tagged a couple of my photos to this competition under my Instagram nickname  Valokiila.
It was a nice surprise to hear that two of my photos were among winners and can now be seen on transformer cabinets at Bulevardi 6 (photo of  Vispilä paddlesteamer) and  Hietalahdenkatu 2 (photo of Suomenlinna Library)  🙂

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