HELSINKI Facelift, Opening of the Exhibition

Helsinki Facelift,
Virka Gallery, Helsinki City Hall
Opening of the photography exhibition 15.4.2014


  • Opening words of the exhibition by Kirsi Hasu, Exhibition Director of Virka Gallery.
  • Impressions and analysis of Helsinki Facelift by Researcher and D. Soc. Sc. Asko Lehmuskallio. 
  • Background for the artistic work by Photographer Soili Mustapää.
  • Rudy Wiedoeft: Valse Marilyn, performed by Merja Valve, saxophone solo.
    Accompanied by Monna Relander, piano.

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Photos from the Opening of the Exhibition 15.4.2014 by Laura Kotila

Impressions of the exhibition in other blogs:

Information about the exhibition in English (Visit Helsinki), in Swedish (Visit Helsinki), in Russian ( and Spektr 4/2014.


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