Made in Detroit?

“One does not find themselves.
One accepts themselves for who they are
and changes what they find unacceptable.
Anyone who says they are trying to
find themselves is running from self.”
– Detroit Zen


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One thought on “Made in Detroit?

  1. Erlin Hanna says:

    Hei Sole! Onpa upee otos taas jlleen kerran- todella taiteellinen ja mystinen! Upeaa! Just great -thats the way to do it!! Go on!! Hanna (from the wooden Turku, remember?)

    ________________________________ Lhettj: “Soili Mustap” [comment-reply@wordpress.com] Lhetetty: 18. maaliskuuta 2013 12:18 Vastaanottaja: Erlin Hanna Aihe: [New post] Made in Detroit?

    Soili Mustap posted: “”

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